Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Of all the gin joints...

I've been meaning to do a post on this for a few weeks now and since I am going to be fairly busy with the imminent move down to Boston (48 hours and counting) I thought my loyal blog readers (of which I am told there actually are a few) could use a little red meat to chew on. Okay, not so much red meat as self-absorbed navel gazing...

As I occasionally check on my stat counter to see who is visiting my little corner of the internet, I have noticed that there are a number of google search terms that seem to keep showing up on a regular basis as entry pages to Prairie Fire. With Google fast becoming the source for most people's day to day information on, well, EVERYTHING it is actually somewhat shocking to learn that through the thought process of the Google hive-mind, this little blog might actually be a Google recommended authority on something.

So the first few that pop up often are things that aren't that surprising at all - my name and the name of the blog (though I do have to say it was surprising how regularly people seem to be googling my name!):

Prairie Fire Blog

Ryan Androsoff

Prairie Fire

Then of course are people and things that I have written about:

Ryan Bater

Arthur Kroeger

the dropjoys

Serge LeClerc

Now the most surprising are the phrases which to me seem fairly obscure (and thus why are people googling them?) or alternatively quite common which you would think a million other monkeys in front of keyboards would have written about a million other times. As it turns out, Prairie Fire is consistently getting links from Google search results for a pretty eclectic group of phrases, including:

read my middle finger

How do I write serge leclerc?

1 2 3 4 penguins that are by the door

Karma It's a Bitch

Me thinketh thou doth protest too much

obama open mic

The Old Grey Mare She Ain't What She Used To Be

that's gold jerry


What is Stephen Harper Reading

Finally, the one I found most surprising - Trau Vang. This is my Vietnamese nickname that I was given when I was working there about 18 months ago. It means Golden Buffalo and is a fairly common term there - in fact for Trau Vang there are 582,000 entries and for Trâu Vàng 1.28 million. Yet out of all of these, Google puts Prairie Fire as the first search result. Who'd of thunk it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bater on the Economy

This morning the next Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party, Ryan Bater, made his first public appearance in his role as Leader-Elect. At a breakfast event in Saskatoon, he laid out some initial ideas about managing the resource boom - including a focus on debt-elimination and the creation of a sovereign heritage fund. You can read some initial coverage of his speech here and here.

It is too bad I couldn't be there (I'm currently making my way to Boston with some pit-stops in Ottawa and Toronto along the way), but I have heard he did a great job. Congrats Ryan - keep it up!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Could it be Hillary?

Hot of the wires from USA Today:

In an interview in Chester, Va., the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said he's made up his mind, but he would not say whether he's informed that person yet. "I won't comment on anything else until I introduce our running mate to the world," he said. "That's all you're going to get out of me."

Obama said it was a difficult decision. "We had some great choices."

Obama said he wanted somebody who is "prepared to be president" and who will be "a partner with me in strengthening this economy for the middle class and working families."

He said he was looking for not just a partner but a sparring partner. "I want somebody who's independent, somebody who can push against my preconceived notions and challenge me so we have got a robust debate in the White House."

Those comments certainly wouldn't rule out Hillary, that's for sure.

One way or another we will know in the next 48 hours...

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's a New Day

It is official - Ryan Bater will be the next Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party!

There was a great article about Ryan in today's StarPhoenix and Leader Post which you can read here.

And of course, if you are in the Saskatoon area this coming Friday I would encourage you to come meet the new Leader-Elect of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party and hear about his vision for Saskatchewan's economic future:

Wake Up to a New Day

Join Ryan Bater
Leader-Elect of the
Saskatchewan Liberal Party

for breakfast and the opportunity to
learn about his vision for Saskatchewan’s economic future

Friday, August 22nd
7:30 a.m.

Hilton Garden Inn Hotel
90 - 22nd Street East
Saskatoon, SK

Tickets: $25.00
cheques can be made payable to
“Ryan Bater Leadership Campaign”

For more information or to RSVP, please contact:

Tracy Muggli
(306) 220-5566 or

Finally, let me just say that it has been a real honour and pleasure to get to know Ryan over the past year. He brings to the table not just energy and enthusiasm, but also integrity, intellect, and great instincts. I am proud to call Ryan a friend, and even prouder to now be able to call him the next Leader of the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan.

But this is only the beginning - the real work begins today. For all of you who believe as I do that we must have a strong political party in this province that will fight for personal, economic, and political freedoms, then I ask you to stand up, be counted, and help Ryan as we begin the exciting journey ahead.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Some groundrules

I really hate to have to shut down discussions on this site, but please take note that I am not going to allow personal attacks to start in the comment sections.

If people want to continue to have a respectful discussion about provincial politics (or any other topic) on this blog, by all means, carry on.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Talk to the Hand

Never thought I would write these words, but...well done Paris Hilton. Well done.

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